Transform Your Appearance With a Smile Makeover at Our Winfield Location in Laredo

At Davenport Dental Group, we never want you to be less than satisfied with your smile. Yet you may be if you have multiple imperfections that bother you. With a smile makeover at our Winfield location in Laredo, we can combine several cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your smile’s best features and make you happy with your appearance.

With a makeover, you will:

  • Benefit from healthier teeth and gums
  • Enjoy improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Attract more positive attention in business and social settings
  • Eliminate signs of accidents or other trauma that may have created your dental problems

Ready to change your life with a makeover? Call us today at 956-517-2695 to schedule a consultation. While cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by insurance, you’ll be eligible to receive discounts if you join our Dental Membership Club.

You’ll Find Many Cosmetic Options for Your Makeover

Your smile makeover options are nearly limitless. We will customize a plan just for you that addresses your challenges and helps you achieve your smile goals. We’ll take many factors into consideration, including your facial structure, your lifestyle, and your budget. You can choose any of these cosmetic dentistry procedures for your dental makeover:

  • OrthoFX orthodontics
  • Dental bonding
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers

If you have missing or damaged teeth, you may want a full-mouth reconstruction with restorative solutions like dental crowns, dental bridges, or dental implants.

If you’ve been putting off smile improvements because you have dental anxiety, it’s understandable! Our relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease with amenities like blankets and pillows, longer appointment times, and TVs in our care rooms. If you still feel nervous about having dental work done, you can receive mild sedation via laughing gas.

A beautiful new smile and greater confidence is within reach! Call 956-517-2695 to schedule a consultation for a smile makeover at our Winfield location in Laredo.