Improve Your Oral Health With Gum Disease Treatment at Our Winfield Location in Laredo

You can see and feel symptoms of gum disease like bleeding gums and bad breath. While they are bad enough, the invisible impact of the disease is your increased exposure to serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Gum disease treatment at our Winfield location in Laredo will keep you in better control of your overall health.

Treating gum disease will:

  • Stop painful symptoms like sore and bleeding gums
  • Keep your jaw from eroding and your teeth from falling out
  • Prevent disease-causing bacteria from getting into your bloodstream
  • Give you the confidence of having a healthy-looking smile and fresh-smelling breath

While gum disease can’t be cured, particularly in later stages, we can effectively prevent it and reverse its effects. We will check for signs of disease during every dental exam. Call 956-517-2695 today if you suspect you may have gum disease.

Save Your Smile by Proactively Treating Gum Disease

If you think you may have gum problems, you should seek treatment ASAP. If you’re in an early stage of gum disease, a simple dental cleaning may be all that’s needed to return your smile to health. For more advanced cases of gum disease, we will likely suggest a deep cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing. This treatment will:

  • Clean bacteria from your gums
  • Smooth out the roots of your teeth to help stop bacteria from clinging to them
  • Make it easier for your gums to reattach to teeth, eliminating “pockets” between your teeth and gums where bacteria can collect

See Us at the First Sign of Gum Disease Symptoms

You should seek treatment as soon as possible, in part because we can protect you from the progressively painful effects of the disease. You shouldn’t have to suffer, and you don’t have to with our proactive care! It’s also less expensive to treat gum disease in its early stages. See us every six months for a dental exam, where we can detect early signs before you ever feel any discomfort.

If you don’t have insurance or want to avoid insurance hassles, join our Dental Membership Club. It allows you to make low monthly payments for your exams and cleanings and offers discounts on other services too.

See us right away if you notice:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed while flossing or brushing
  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Sores on your gums
  • Gums that have receded away from your teeth
  • Teeth that seem longer than before

If you need gum disease treatment at our Winfield location in Laredo, don’t put it off. Protect your health (and your wallet!) with our comfortable and nonsurgical procedures. Call 956-517-2695 to make an appointment.

Common Questions About Gum Disease Treatment

Do I need gum disease treatment?

You might require periodontal disease treatment if your gums feel tender or bleed while brushing. These are symptoms of early-stage gum disease. If the disease progresses, you might also see that your gums start receding from your teeth and you have foul-smelling breath no matter how often you brush.

Is gum disease treatment painful?

Our team utilizes a gentle touch throughout scaling and root planing, the deep cleaning treatment that removes the disease-causing bacteria from your teeth and gums. We’ll administer local anesthetic to keep your mouth numb during the whole procedure. If you’d like, you can also get laughing gas to keep you relaxed.

Why get gum disease treatment?

In its early stages, gum disease causes tenderness and bleeding but no serious dental problems. If it isn’t treated, it can reach a point where you are at risk for bone loss and tooth loss. In fact, periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. At the first signs of gum disease, you should call our office for help.