Keep Teeth Intact With Root Canals at Our Winfield Location in Laredo

Root canal therapy scares a lot of people! There’s no need to be frightened at Davenport Dental Group. Our root canals at our Winfield location in Laredo are comfortable, quick, and routine. With an infected tooth, the only alternative to a root canal is extraction. Keeping your natural tooth offers several advantages:

  • You’ll avoid the limited diet and other inconveniences of recovery.
  • Your nearby teeth will stay where they should be instead of shifting into the space left by a missing tooth.
  • You’ll save money by avoiding the cost of tooth removal and a tooth replacement like a dental crown.
  • Recovery is quicker and easier, with little if any discomfort.
  • Your smile will still be full and beautiful!

If you think your tooth is infected, call Davenport Dental Group right away at 956-517-2695. If you’re in pain, we’ll do our best to offer you same-day emergency care.

Stop Your Dental Pain With Root Canal Treatment

Advanced decay is the most common root canal cause. When your tooth becomes infected, you may experience dental pain, swollen gums, facial swelling, a discolored tooth, sensitivity to heat and cold, and difficulty chewing.

Some people fear seeking treatment for an infected tooth because they’re afraid the treatment will hurt. But they’re wrong! The pain doesn’t come from the root canal procedure. During your treatment, we:

  • Remove the inflamed tooth pulp that is causing your pain
  • Ensure you remain comfortable by numbing your mouth with local anesthesia
  • Offer dental sedation to help you stay relaxed, if needed

Once all of the decay has been removed from your tooth, we’ll protect it by covering it with a dental crown. Most dental offices require you to wear a temporary crown while your new one is manufactured at an off-site lab, a process that usually takes several days. We use CEREC technology to design and make a same-day crown for you right in our office. There’s no need to wait for your restoration!

For root canals at our Winfield location in Laredo, call Davenport Dental Group at 956-517-2695.

Common Questions About Root Canals

Will a root canal stop tooth pain?

Yes, pain brought on by an infected tooth is one of the biggest reasons to have a root canal. Your dentist will eliminate the infected pulp from inside your tooth that has likely been giving you tooth pain. Eliminating the infection allows you to preserve your tooth as opposed to extracting it, the only other option for therapy.

What does as root canal feel like?

Root canals have somehow gained a track record as an excruciating treatment. The reality is they normally aren’t any more unpleasant than having a filling placed. We numb your mouth with local anesthesia and can provide you with laughing gas, which allows you to stay calm and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Can root canals be avoided?

Yes, the great news is it’s unlikely you’ll ever require a root canal if you take care of your teeth. Infection generally gets in a tooth through extreme decay or a fracture or break, which requires a root canal. Repairing a cavity or other damage as quickly as possible should avoid the need for root canal treatment.